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Drinking water contamination

Provision of safe water through piped water system at the households still 

remains a distant dream in developing nations. Hand pumps remain the main

source of drinking water in Rural India, south Asia and Africa. The

contamination of the groundwater by arsenic, fluoride and iron is quite

significant in affecting the quality of rural poor in these countries. So far

technologies were developed at a cost that is not affordable by rural poor.

Majority of the technologies deployed by government institutions fail because

of operation and maintenance problem, lack of ownership and access. In the

absence of appropriate technology, the rural poor continue to suffer and

struggle from contaminants in drinking water.

The “Affordable Water Solution” company was conceived by group of water

treatment professionals with more than 2 decades of practical experience in

drinking water and with a mission to develop a simple, low cost, user friendly

water treatment technology to address the drinking water concerns at the

households targeting the "Base of the Pyramid" population inhabiting the rural

side of the country. Based on the extensive laboratory and field trail a few

water treatment products was developed to tackle the contaminants in the

drinking water. One Bucket System with spigot along with sachet makes the

treatment user friendly and highly affordable. The R&D were carried out in

Environmental Monitoring Service laboratory, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India and

validated by third party.

    Our products

   Sachet AuroAquasafe™

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   One Bucket System

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