AuroAquasafe™ has been specifically developed and designed as a user friendly product keeping in view of practical problems encountered on day to day basis by rural poor in developing countries who are affected by multiple contaminants like fluoride, arsenic, iron and microbial contamination. It is unique product that is able to treat simultaneously fluoride, arsenic, iron, viral, bacterial and protozoa contamination simultaneously to the desired safe levels.

AuroAquasafe™ as a treatment solution:

AuroAquasafe is a powdered mixture that removes arsenic, iron, fluoride, pathogenic organisms and suspended solids rendering contaminated water into safe drinking water. AuroAquasafe™ contains a chlorine containing compound, aluminium salts that acts as coagulant and other additives which provide good coagulation and flocculation process for water treatment.

AuroAquasafe™ can remove following contaminants from contaminated drinking water:

1. Fluoride from 7 ppm to less than 1.5 ppm level.

2. Arsenic (AsIII & AsV) from 400 ppb to less than 10 ppb level.

3. Iron from 5 ppm to below 0.3 ppm level.

4. Bacteria more than 99.9999 % removal rate

5. Viruses more than 99.99 % removal rate

6. Protozoa parasites – up to 99.9 % removal rate.

7. Suspended particles from 800 NTU to less than 10 NTU level.

8. Organic matter


AuroAquasafe™ removes microorganism by double action: by precipitation of microbes due to coagulation, flocculation process and by disinfection with NaDCC (sodium dichloroisocyanurate). After 30 minutes of waiting after usage of AuroAquasafe™ the residual chlorine concentration reaches very low level (< 0.5 ppm) and therefore almost does not impart unpleasant taste and odour of the treated water.

AuroAquasafe™ effectively removes soluble organic matter mainly by coagulation and flocculation and not by oxidation of organic matter with chlorine. Therefore even in water with high organic matter the residual chlorine concentration is similar compared to treating water with no organic matter present. This leads to very low or absent level of disinfection by-products of chlorine in the treated water.

The pH of the raw water for effective removal of arsenic, fluoride and iron should be in the range of 6.0-8.0. For bacteria, virus and protozoa removal the pH of the raw water should be in range of 6.0-8.5.

 Types of water that can be treated with AuroAquasafe

1. Bore well - water contaminated with fluoride, arsenic, iron and microbes

2. Surface water - containing turbidity, organic matter and microbial contamination  

4. Rain water - contaminated with suspended matter and turbidity

5. Flood water - organic matter, turbidity, microbial contamination

AuroAquasafe™ is safe for long term use and can be considered as an effective technology for treating water.

In spite of using Aluminium salt the residue of Aluminium in treated water usually below the 0.2 ppm acceptable level as per WHO guidelines.

AuroAquasafe usage:

AuroAquasafe comes in a 5x8 cm sachet containing 5.6 g treatment chemicals. Each sachet treats 10 litres of contaminated water.

Materials required to use AuroAquasafe.

  • A scissor to open the sachet
  • 10 litres bucket preferably one bucket for treatment and one for storage of treated water
  • Cotton cloth filter to remove larger particles from water. It can be supplied along with AuroAquasafe
  • A wooden stick of 1 cm diameter and 45 cm length which can be supplied along with  AuroAquasafe

How to use AuroAquasafe.

Step 1. Open the AuroAquasafe sachet using scissors. Add the contents of the sachet into a bucket containing 10 litres of contaminated water.

Step 2. Stir the water vigorously (150 rotations per minute) for one minute using the wooden stick.

Step 3. Remove wooden stick. Wait for 30 minutes for flocks to settle down, till the water become clear.

Step 4. If the water after treatment does not contain any floating debris it can be poured directly to the clean storage bucket. If the water has some floating debris, a filter (cotton cloth) placed on the clean bucket can be used to remove them.

Please note: Precipitation particles (sludge) which are left at the bottom of the bucket after coagulation can not be filtered with the filter cloth. They should stay in the bucket, by carefully pouring top water into the clean bucket.

Step 5. The water in the clean bucket is safe and ready for consumption

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Sachet: Contains 5.6 gms of mixture of  approved disinfectants and coagulants/flocculants. It has the capacity to purify 10 liters of contaminated water.

High turbidity water purification

Fluoride contaminated water purification

Arsenic contaminated water purification