AuroPure alternative energy based community water treatment system for safe drinking water



 AuroPure, the low cost and low maintenance alternative energy based water treatment system, has been

 developed and tested by Affordable Water Solutions, Auroville (Tamil Nadu). Target was to develop an

 affordable and feasible solution for the safe drinking water needs of areas in without electricity and trained

 manpower. The AuroPure system is targeted to treat dirty water (high turbidity), water contaminated by    microorganisms (protozoa, bacteria, viruses)  and water with high levels of iron, fluoride or arsenic.

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The AuroPure system is based on a continuous water treatment

process, using innovative coagulation/flocculation and disinfection

technologies. A chlorine dioxide generating dosing unit is used for

water disinfection. Needed energy will be delivered by integrated

solar panels or wind power with a battery storage backup. As a fully

automated unit, there is no need for a locally skilled operator. Data

of the most important parameters of the treatment process are sent automatically rom in build GSM/GPRS  modem to the servicing

organization in the surrounding. Coagulant, chlorine dioxide

ingredients have to be refilled every 4-6 month.


Size the system height - 220 cm, length - 100 cm, depth - 120 cm.  

Capacity - from 2000 to 10000 liters per day.   

How it works

System works on coagulation/flocculation technology. Coagulant is added with precise dozing pump to the untreated water and get mixed in mixing chamber. After mixing water flows into the precipitation/storage tank. Before water enters this tank another precise dosing pump adds disinfectant (chlorine dioxide) in the passing water. Next water supplying systems can be connected to AuroPure unit: hand pumps, overhead storage tanks, any surface water from rivers, ponds, open wells can be supplied to unit with help of submersible water pump which we can provide optionally.


  • Fully automated require no skilled manpower/operator.
  • Can be installed anywhere in two working days.
  • Automatic removal sediment from precipitation tank.
  • Low cost and low maintenance. The 12V DC electricity which is supplied by integrated solar panels
  • or wind generator to run the unit. 
  • Coagulant, chlorine dioxide containers should be refilled every 4-6 month.
  • Different sensors send frequently data about water flow, battery charging level, temperature, humidity,
  • quantity of the coagulant and chlorine dioxide precursor liquids in dozing containers.
  • A GSM/GPRS modem is used to send data as an SMS message to operator cell phone or alternatively as
  • a data package to operators website. 

Efficiency in removal of contaminants


  - Protozoa 99.99 % and better

  - Bacteria 99.9999 % and better

  - Viruses 99.9999 % and better

  - Iron more than 90 %

  - Fluoride from 15 ppm to less than 1.5 ppm


  - Arsenic from 500 ppb to less than 10 ppb

  - Removes turbidity from 1000 NTU to less than 5 NTU


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Reports: removal biological and chemical contaminants from water