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Affordable Water Solutions, Aurobrindavan, Main Building, Auroville-605101, Tamil Nadu, India

Sales and servicing center for North India:

Mr. Praveen Singhhai, Regional Director.

Smart Water Solutions Pvt Ltd,

Address: 31 Srimali Society, Opposite Police Station, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Contact number: +9977300464 

Contact email:

Branch office:

Dr. Srikanth,

38 Comfort Palm, Bawadia Kalan, opposite to Extol college

Bhopal - 462039

Cell: 09801983601

Landline: +91 0755 4297649

Our partners: Mr. Ajay Garg, Mr. Parag Kumar

Asian Business Development & Coordination (ABDC-Asia)

203-204,Samarth Plaza, Kaushambi (Delhi NCR), Ghazibad, INDIA.

Tel: +91 120 4121894 / +91 120 4122894


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