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AuroPure alternative energy based community water treatment system for safe drinking water

The "AuroPure", the low cost and very low maintenance green energy based water treatment system has been developed and tested by Affordable Water Solutions, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, to cater the needs of rural India where there is no electricity and availability of trained manpower is negligible.

The vision is to develop affordable and sustainable technological solution for the provision of safe drinking water in habitations that lack electricity and in absence of trained manpower.

“AuroPure” is automated system including dosing of chemical with automatic switch off button, does not require operator. The system totally runs on minimum solar panel and consumes very less space. 


The "AuroPure" system is based on a continuous water treatment process, using innovative coagulation/flocculation and disinfection technologies.

This technology is first time in India and is cost effective.

On site chlorine disinfectant generating unit will take care of water bacteriological quality.


Requisite energy will be delivered by integrated solar panels or wind generator along with battery storage backup.

Being a fully automated unit, there is no need for a locally skilled operator. Refilling of treatment chemicals will take place once in 3-6 month. 




Specifications of the system: height - 220 cm, length - 100 cm, depth - 120 cm. Capacity from 2000 to 10000 liters per day.


How it Works:


System works on principle of coagulation/flocculation technology. Coagulant is added with precise dozing pump to the untreated water which gets mixed in mixing chamber. After mixing, water is allowed to flow to precipitation/storage tank. Prior to this disinfectant (chlorine dioxide) is added to the water stream and mixed.


This system has the capabilities of producing cleaner and safe drinking water from hand pump, stream, pond, well, lake or any fresh water source at a volume production where water purification and electrical power are impractical or unattainable.




Fully automated require no skilled manpower /operator.

User friendly therefore can be installed anywhere and occupies very less space.

Automatic removing sediment from precipitation tank.

Low cost, low maintenance, 12 v required electricity which will be supplied by in-build solar system in the unit or by wind generator in the unit.

System can be easily installed at any sites regardless of terrain in one working days.

Coagulant, disinfectant (chlorine dioxide) containers should be refilled every 4-6 month.


How different it is over existing technology:


No skilled manpower is required.

It works on coagulation precipitation technique unlike traditional adsorbent systems.

No expensive filtration cartridges required.

Can be used in remote areas.

Chlorine dioxide disinfectants is used for removal of bacteria & virus and therefore no smell unlike chlorine.


Low operation & maintenance:


System need low maintenance, only coagulant/flocculant should be added every 4-6 months which is very cost effective. Since no trained operator is required the O&M cost is one rupee per hundred liters of treated water.


Efficiency in removal of containment:

Protozoan parasites 99.99% and better.

Bacteria 99.9999% and better.

Viruses 99.9999% and better.

Removes turbidity from 1000 NTU to less than 5 NTU.

Removes iron more than 90%.

Removes arsenic from 500 ppb to less than 10 ppb.

Removes fluoride from 15 ppm to less than 1.5 ppm.

Removes mercury from 600 ppb to less than 1 ppb.

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